Happy Earth Day from Userful

U Green Leaf2  Happy Earth Day 2013! To celebrate Earth Day, we decided to take a look at our green stats and see the impact that Userful's sustainable computing model has had in enviromental savings over the past 11 years.

Since 2002, we've saved our customers over 779,853,322 kWh in energy savings, equal to taking 604,386 tonnes of CO2 out of the air!

Putting that into perspective, it would be like taking 104,565 cars off the road or planting 149,972 acres of trees - like covering Paris with trees 6x over, or covering all of Tokyo or Mumbai with trees.

Our latest software, Userful Multiplatform is even more flexible and allows much more in terms of cost and environmental savings for our customers. Check out our Earth Day press release to get the whole story...

Userful Helps Reduce the Environmental Impact of C...
Userful Desktop version 8.2.2 is here!