Userful FAQ Video Series

72dpi artisticmosiac mediumPeople are usually interested in the Userful video wall solution, as it provides a simpler, more flexible and cost-effective way to implement video walls, but they always want to know whether or not it is the appropriate solution to fulfill a project's requirement. Another one we get asked often is what it is that makes Userful unique; or what is the advantage of using the network to deliver content to video walls.

With this in mind, we have prepared an FAQ video series that shed some light on these commonly asked question, and help people get started on the right path to deploying their video walls.

Be sure to check them out here:

When is Userful the right fit?
Why use the network to support video walls, digital signage and other displays?
What makes Userful unique?

Technically speaking, we also get asked a frequent series of questions. Being a new approach to delivering video walls, people usually want to know how is it possible that Userful is able to deliver such large content (up to 8k) to so many displays (up to 60), or how does an HDMI capture card works, or if perhaps they would always need to install an offloading card. To answer these questions we have put together, as part of this video series, a technical FAQ video that addresses all these questions, and more.

Click here to watch the Technical FAQ

Make sure you watch these brief, 2-minute videos, that are definitely worth the time, and you'll find out why Userful is the ideal solution for your video wall projects.

How to Make a Video Wall with Userful
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