Quick Facts

Userful Multiplatform not only saves money, it also helps the environment by reducing electricity use and e-waste. Compared to a traditional one PC per seat model, a virtualization solution with Userful and Linux software saved the Brazilian Ministry of Education:

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    Saved an average of 66% in hardware, electricity and support costs over one year, lowering total cost of ownership

  • Electricity Savings

    Saved 147,000,000 KWh of electricity, enough to power 81,000 homes for a year

  • CO₂ Savings

    250,000 tons of CO₂ was saved, equal to planting 60,000 acres of trees or taking 41,000 cars off of the road for one year

  • Increased Access to Technology

    Userful Multiplatform software creates multiple high performance desktop stations, and other digital displays, from a central computer.