The Result

Safe, Secure, and Easy To Set Up

Hillcrest 2

There is a lot to consider when choosing a Kiosk or Business Center solution. Putting computers out for public use can be a huge drain on staff time.

Security, viruses, adware, spyware, and privacy protection are all huge, ongoing issues. This is where Userful Desktop comes in. It includes all the needed software from office suite and web browser to privacy protection and security. Userful Desktop has a built-in charging mechanism for pay-as-you-go Internet access using prepaid cards.

Mr Langlois recalls: “In terms of set-up it was pretty much plug and play, virtually effortless. There was a little drawing showing what to plug where and we just followed that. We were certainly pleased with how smoothly it went.”

Hillcrest’s Investment Pays Off

Mr Langlois and his staff began to sell prepaid cards, for which the hotel kept half the revenue. Hillcrest guests now have access to a full selection of software from web browser to chat, games and an office suite, at a price-per-minute set by the hotel.

The system has been a welcome addition to guest services. “My staff was very positive and the service has been well received by our guests. That’s the main thing we want. We’re in the business of happy customers. We’ve done this as a customer service.”