The Result

Students of the Manuel González Prada School testing out Userful's computing solution

Six months after the project started, a technical report was produced by the Peruvian government's Division of Technology for Education to evaluate the solution for roll out into other schools through out the country. The performance and usage results were very positive. Among the data collected, the report highlighted that compared to a 1-PC-per-User model, the energy savings were around 50%, and the overall cost per seat was reduced from $700 to $300. "There are two things I like a lot about the Userful solution," said Antonio Rodriguez. "It is great not having to worry about anti-virus purchases and updates because of the secure Linux environment, and it is very useful to have the included monitoring tool in order to know what the students are doing on the computers at all times."

The Peruvian Ministry of Education liked the MultiSeat Linux Solution, and realized that teacher training was a key element for success on the implementation of any kind of technology project for education. Due to this analysis, INTEGREX lead a training course for teachers where they learned how to use computers, how to enrich student learning using technology, and how to deliver the courses to their students using the "Innovation Classroom" computer lab. "Everyone is excited with the new equipment, and with the MultiSeat solution, the teachers now want to learn how to make the most out of their ICT-based teaching activities," said Angela González.