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After careful review of different display technologies—including specialized hardware solutions for video walls, as well as digital signage—the team at EMT learned about Userful’s video wall solution. Right away, they appreciated the simplicity and flexibility of the solution. According to Jose Manuel Fernandez, Systems Engineer at EMT, “the support for real-time interactive content, seeing how simple it was to manage, and also the possibilities to easily switch content sources between displays, was what really convinced me that Userful was the solution we were looking for.”

Userful fit EMT’s needs perfectly in part because it’s able to handle a virtually unlimited number of inputs, and it can also easily scale the number of outputs it can offer. This is unique in the video wall space and is a result of Userful’s architecture. Userful leverages the network to deliver content from the PC onto a video wall. With Userful, a single PC can support a video wall of up to 60 displays. Each display has a simple and cost effective zero client device on the back that connects to the PC through the local area network. Userful software turns that PC into an appliance that is easily managed through a browser. Using the browser based interface, customers can easily pull content from almost any available source including network sources in real time. The solution can display everything from video to a full screen browser to a desktop and even a series of virtual desktops—multiple independent desktop sessions running on the same PC. According to Fernandez “the integration for virtual machines in the system made the solution even better for us.”

EMT deployed a 3x3 video wall with nine 55” LG commercial displays, all running from a single Intel Core i7 PC and 32 GB of RAM, which is securely located away from the wall itself in a locked room, with a monitored environment—which helps to prolonged the PC’s lifespan. EMT added HDMI capture cards to pull in external content sources to display on the video wall in real time.

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Video About Userful Video Walls

Watch and learn how Userful turns a standard PC into a flexible and powerful video wall controller, delivering visually stunning displays over the network with unparalleled simplicity and ease - all at an affordable price.

  • Delivers any layout including one of a kind artistic or mosaic-style video walls.
  • Up to 8k source content in real time on up to 60 displays per video wall.
  • Virtually unlimited simultaneous internal and external content sources on preset zones across a single video wall or onto a mix of video walls and digital signs.
  • Easily managed from a browser or smartphone.
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Simple, High Performance Video Walls at the Right Price

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Easy to Use Video Wall Controller.

Userful turns a standard PC into a flexible and powerful video wall controller that delivers visually stunning displays over the network with unparalleled simplicity and ease, at an affordable price.

Save Time and Money.

By connecting all displays over the network to a single standard PC, Userful saves you money on your hardware investment and simplifies video wall deployment and support.

Powerful and Flexible.

With Userful, that one PC can do incredible things including angled rotation of individual displays for one of a kind artistic video walls and support for up to 60 screens on a video wall and up to 8k source content.

Multiple Content Sources.

Userful makes it easy to juggle multiple simultaneous content sources using preset zones and preset remote control ensuring you can turn your video wall into exactly the tool you’re looking for, whether that’s for digital signage, a control room, meeting room or any form of public display.

Powered by Userful.

Userful is a multi-award winning solution that supports over 1,000,000 displays in over 100 countries. For the past 15 years, Userful software has been used around the world to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from virtual desktops, secure public computing, touch screens, digital signage and high performance video walls and displays.

What People are Saying About Userful

  • Purchasing (Userful) won't blow your project budget. It can save you money by reducing the cost of your displays. There are now choices for every budget.


    -Digital Signage Today

  • (Userful) offers a big jump in scalability by supporting more displays and larger content. It enables very large multi-source video walls to be deployed with simplicity at a cost effective price point.



  • A simple, flexible and visually impressive solution.


    -Kyle Romeril, CMP dealership general manager for the Kaizen Automotive Group, Canada

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