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Userful Cloud Client and Virtualization Software Platform

Userful Corporation is a leading desktop virtualization software company that makes it simple and affordable for organizations to implement and centrally manage virtual computers. Userful supports virtualization deployments from desktops to touch screens and beyond, with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and at the lowest cost on the market. Userful is the trusted provider of over 1 million virtual computers in over 100 countries and works with ultra thin or zero and thin client devices from world-class partners including HP, Acer, ViewSonic, Centerm, ThinGlobal and Atrust.

Next Generation Computing

Tim Griffin

How we thought up a better computing solution

During the dot-com era over a decade ago, I was managing a fast growing web development company. Setting up the most necessary tool, a computer, took massive amounts of time and expense for each new employee. Every computer was costly. Just to get started, they required an array of software and antivirus licenses. Then they needed to be individually installed, updated and managed. It was not sustainable for my small company's budget or resources - or most companies for that matter. I thought that there simply had to be a sustainable way to buy, deploy and manage computers. I decided to create my own. That was the kernel of the idea that created Userful in 1999.

How we are changing computing for any interactive display

Over the past decade, we have helped schools, businesses, and public computing environments revolutionize the traditional computing infrastructure by shifting to a new centralized and virtualized model. Our customers tell us we're increasing access to computing for less than half the cost of traditional computers without sacrificing performance.

Centralized and virtualized desktops were just the beginning for us. We have developed our software platform to do amazing things. The Userful software platform delivers multiple operating systems and interactive content from a central computer to multiple high-performance interactive displays of any size, from the mobile device in a pocket to the giant video wall at a movie theater - no app required. Our software platform also folds in management for all devices, all from one cloud-managed application.

Executive Team

Timothy Griffin, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Tim has combined inspired product design and entrepreneurship to evolve centralized desktop computing. In 1999, Tim founded Userful to make centralized desktop computing and management efficient, economical and environmentally friendly through new ultra thin and zero client solutions. He is a true entrepreneur, having previously founded and led consulting, research, and design companies. Tim is a visionary, responsible setting the strategic direction for the corporate and product roadmap. He has pioneered laptop and input device design research which he has further pursued through research and development with Userful products. Tim holds a Masters Degree in Product Design from the University of Calgary with a focus on human computer interaction.


Jamey Miles, VP Business Development

Jamey has brought over fifteen years of executive and senior management experience in international business development and sales management. Her practical leadership has resulted in progressively senior management roles with multiple high tech start ups like Acceleware, Accenture and Hitachi-ID (formerly M-Tech). Jamey joined Userful in 2010 where she leads global business development and focuses on business development in the Americas and global strategic partnerships.


Emmanuel Boutboul, VP OEM & Channel Sales

Emmanuel has headed up international marketing, business development and sales teams in the global technology industry for over fifteen years. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and has been the CEO at Handshake Communications and VP Marketing and Sales at MiniFrame. He joined Userful in 2011 where he now leads the EMEA region. Emmanuel also focuses on developing partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers around the world. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California.


Daniel Griffin, VP Multiplied Computing

Dan has transferred a wealth of creative capital, systems re-engineering and change management plus years of sales and customer experience to Userful since he joined the team in 2003. He has been instrumental in developing a successful business unit focused on public computing solutions for North America, and establishing regional offices to focus on business development. Dan now dedicates his time to forming strategic alliances and furthering new applications of virtualization.


Eli Aviv, VP Finance

Eli has led senior accounting and finance for numerous technology companies for over fifteen years with a focus on fund-raising, risk management, financial reporting and planning to support mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. He played a key role in the acquisition of M-Tech by Hitachi-ID. Eli joined the Userful team in 2010. He holds a bachelor degree in Economics, a Master of Business Administration from Ben Gurion University in Israel, and a Certified Management Accountant designation.

Press Releases

Userful Press Releases


June 10, 2015
Userful añade disposición artística versátil a su solución innovadora de video wall a una fracción del costo
June 10, 2015
Userful Partners With BTX Technologies To Provide Versatile, Low-Cost Video Walls
May 27, 2015
Userful Desktop Solution Opens World of Opportunity for Students through MTN Cameroon Digital Schools Project
May 21, 2015
Userful Delivers Affordable, Artistic Video Wall Solution
May 6, 2015
Userful Enables Anyone to Test-Drive Innovative Control Center for Network Video Walls
April 30, 2015
Userful lanza su revolucionario Network Video Wall en America Latina
March 2, 2015
Userful adds versatile artistic layout features to innovative video wall solution at fraction of the traditional cost
February 19, 2015
Userful and Rise Vision partner to bring free cloud content management to multi-screen digital signage
February 4, 2015
Userful to showcase stunning video wall solution at ISE 2015 trade show
January 22, 2015
Userful Receives Product of the Year in inaugural Modern Library Awards


Userful Releases World's First 4k Network Video Wall with Stunning Content and Affordability December 3, 2014
Userful releases world's first 4k network video wall with stunning content and affordability
Userful ViewSonic partnership update: ViewSonic introduces a simple and  cost-effective VDI solution, the SC-U25 Value VDI Client November 6, 2014
Userful ViewSonic partnership update: ViewSonic introduces a simple and cost-effective VDI solution, the SC-U25 Value VDI Client
Userful announces world's first 4k Network Video Wall solution
            with extreme simplicity and unprecedented value coming soon October 30, 2014
Userful announces world's first 4k Network Video Wall solution with extreme simplicity and unprecedented value coming soon
Userful to exhibit all-in-one desktop virtualization at Futurecom 2014  October 13, 2014
Userful to exhibit all-in-one desktop virtualization at Futurecom 2014
ViewSonic and Userful Announce Strategic Global Partnership October 9, 2014
ViewSonic and Userful announce strategic global partnership to deliver innovative virtual desktop solutions
Call centers slash workstation costs with Userful September 2, 2014
Call centers slash workstation costs with Userful desktop virtualization solution
Userful Multiplatform receives rave review August 28, 2014
Userful Multiplatform desktop virtualization solution receives rave review from technology professional
ThinTech and Userful August 25, 2014
ThinTech and Userful to offer entry-level VDI in the United States and Mexico
NClouding Ltd. Chooses Userful August 18, 2014
Nclouding Ltd. Chooses Userful as Preferred Entry-Level Desktop Virtualization Solution
Costa Rica August 13, 2014
Userful provides twenty-first century learning experience to Costa Rican students
Spanish | ES
Santo Domingo

June 17, 2014
Provincial Government of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas closes the digital divide for citizens
Spanish | ES

Small and Medium Business Cost Advantage June 4, 2014
Small and Medium Businesses Drastically Reduce Computing Costs with New Userful Multiplatform 7.1 light desktop virtualization
eLearning Africa May 27, 2014
Userful To Feature New Light Desktop Virtualization with HP at eLearning Africa Conference
CLA Conference May 26, 2014
Userful To Showcase Turnkey Desktop Computing Solution at CLA Conference and Tradeshow
Breakthrough Light Virtualization February 19, 2014
Userful Dramatically Simplifies Desktops and Lowers Costs with Breakthrough Light Desktop Virtualization

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In the News

Userful in the News

"With its 4k Network Video Wall, Userful aims to broaden the uptake by simplifying the technology and lowering costs...the reduction in costs is estimated at 50% compared to traditional video wall solutions."
January 2015: Technology Demo of the Month: Wall Control for All
"This is a very good design that deserves the attention of anyone who needs a virtual desktop environment...I wholeheartily recommend Viewsonic's VDI solution as it couples this great zero client with the great Userful Multiplatform software."
December 31, 2014: Editor's Choice 5/5 Stars: ViewSonic SC-U25 VDI Client
"Having a software company that pulls it all together and stands behind and supports the product is going to be an easy decision to make."
December 9, 2014: Sixteen:Nine - Interview: Userful Launches Product that Delivers And Runs Ultra HD Video Walls Over Local Networks
"For a user who is satisfied with his CMS software...but wants a low-cost, software-based videowall controller, Userful would be a better choice than Hiperwall, where you need to use its CMS. "
December 3, 2014: Userful Uses Ethernet to Drive 4K Videowalls
"The combination of Userful's software and ViewSonic's hardware lets virtual environments and centrally-managed virtual computing power be taken beyond the desktop to touchscreens, kiosks and digital signage."
November 19, 2014: Virtual computing boosts small business
"The SC-U25 is designed for education settings including libraries, labs, and classrooms, as well as SMBs such as service businesses, medical and dental offices, and call centers... Hotel business centers are also noted as a good fit. "
November 18, 2014: $199 Linux-ready zero client offers GbE connection
"The ViewSonic SC-U25 is designed with simplicity first and foremost. It is an easy plug-and-play LAN client that supports Gigabit Ethernet-based installation for easy deployment and simple management, and which will also be easy to deploy for ViewSonic hardware partners who have not worked on VDI in the past."
November 10, 2014: ViewSonic, Userful roll out first joint VDI product for low-cost markets
"It's going to revolutionize video wall installations. Now any customer can afford a high-performance, feature-rich video wall."
October 30, 2014: Userful intros 4K video wall solution
"This has been one of the best experiences I've had with a networking product. The hardware works great and the software is the best I've come across"..."Userful software is well crafted." - 5 stars.
October 26, 2014: Target PC Tech Magazine Review: Userful Multiplatform Virtual Desktop
"The partnership will offer simple and flexible all-in-one, low-cost VDI solutions, including client devices and multi-platform software that will support a mix of native Linux, Chrome Cloud and Microsoft Windows virtual desktops."
October 10, 2014: ViewSonic, Userful partner to offer hardware-software VDI bundle for economy market
"An expert in virtualization, Tim Griffin has pioneered laptop and input device design research with the single-minded vision of offering simpler and more cost effective ways to deploy centrally managed desktops."
September 9, 2014: Virtual-Strategy Magazine: New Speakers Announced for Business After Windows Conference
"The simplest VDI solution any small and medium business can technically and financially afford...provides computing power beyond desktops to many types displays."
June 6, 2014: CHANNELNOMICS: Userful Aims to Reduce Computing Costs for SMBs
" "[Userful Multiplatform] allows you to replace multiple hardware units with one powerful computer that distributes desktops to multiple types of displays. So it's possible to work in a traditional desktop scenario, or with a tablet, or a touch-screen kiosk... "
June 5, 2014: Calgary firm offers virtualization solution for SMBs
"The new system would not only be cheaper, but would require less maintenance and be less onerous upon the library staff."
May 2, 2014: Seacoast Online: Stratham library to get new computer system
"Userful Multiplatform 7.0 turns a standard computer into a browser-managed server appliance to create the simplest, most flexible, highest performing and lowest cost VDI solution available."
February 24, 2014: Virtualization World: Calgary's Userful a big factor in bringing technology to Latin America's education system
"Userful has made VDI accessible to 90% of organizations that have yet to adopt VDI - for about one quarter of the cost, with twice the performance yet incredible simplicity compared to traditional VDI."
February 19, 2014: VMBLOG: Userful Dramatically Simplifies Desktops and Lowers Costs with Breakthrough Light Desktop Virtualization
"...Userful Multiplatform, Xenserver and VDI-in-a-Box, it delivers 100% dependability and performance in a compact design."
February 4, 2014: Storage Newsletter: Atrust Introduces s101 Mini Server for SMBs
""The VDI solution provides computing power beyond desktops to many different types of displays, allowing businesses to turn touch monitors or TVs into self-serve kiosks, or shared computers and single or multi-panel TVs into digital signs for advertising, wayfinders, and menu boards."
February 1, 2014: Userful Multiplatform VDI Software Powers Many Displays in One Low Cost Solution
"No longer is VDI only meant for the large companies with big budgets and IT teams. System integrators and customers are amazed with the speed and responsiveness of Userful Multiplatform software."
February 1, 2014: Making the Shift from PCs to Desktop Virtualization Simple and Affordable
"In one of the world's largest desktop virtualization projects, Userful teamed up with ThinNetworks, and Daruma to provide a low-cost, high performance computing solution."
March 27, 2013: Userful Case Study: World's Largest Desktop Virtualization Project in Brazil
"Userful recognized a significant gap in the global market for a low-cost, simple virtualization solution that could be used in businesses and schools."
March 14, 2013: Userful Announces New Virtualization Solution
"Userful Multiplatform is designed to help organizations deploy the cloud for Windows and Linux desktops using zero-client devices, allowing IT managers to offer each user their choice of Windows OS, Linux OS, or cloud desktops."
March 13, 2013: MSP Today Expert Feature: Userful Releases Next Gen Virtual Desktop and Cloud Platform
"If you want to find a desktop PC for probably the lowest price you've ever seen, Userful is making that possible."
February 24, 2011: PC MAG Review: Userful MultiSeat Makes the $59 Desktop Possible
"More than 50,000 schools worldwide are already using Userful to provide millions of students with computer access."
March 26, 2011: TECHVIBES: Calgary's Userful a big factor in bringing technology to Latin America's education system

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