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Customer Case Studies

Userful has helped customers solve a wide range of issues. Read about some of the many organizations lowering their IT costs and simplifying their computer management with our comprehensive solutions.

Featured Case Studies

Userful MultiSeat for Education
Brazilian Ministry of Education
By deploying 523,400 Userful MultiSeat stations, the Brazilian Ministry of Education saved 60% in up-front costs, and 80% in annual power savings.

Userful MultiSeat for Education
The Manuel González Prada School - Perú
Compared to a 1-PC-per-user model, with Userful MultiSeat Linux, the energy savings for the 'Innovation Classroom' computers at the Manuel González Prada School were around 50%, and the overall cost per seat was reduced by over 50%.

Userful MultiSeat for Education
Lakeside School - Costa Rica
The Lakeside School has found that Userful MultiSeat is the perfect solution to expand the reach of education in Costa Rica through computer-based learning and Open Source technologies. The school was able to give more students access to computers, as well as lower their energy use and cost, with the eventual goal of shifting to solar powered computer labs.

Userful MultiSeat for Education
The Superior Education Specialized Institute for Health Professionals of El Salvador (IEPROES)
The Institute was able to use the Userful MultiSeat solution to expand computer access to their teachers and students by multiplying the number of workstations per PC, also giving them the ability to take advantage of the wealth of free Open Source software for health and education. The growing school was able to meet the Salvadorean Ministry of Education standards for ICT while keeping within their budget.

Userful MultiSeat for Education
La Salle Latacunga School - Ecuador
The Userful MultiSeat solution has made it possible for the La Salle school to provide more computers for their students and for teachers to guide and supervise their work easily with monitoring and control tools. Students are more comfortable at stations that take up less space, produce less heat and consume less energy than traditional PCs, while the school benefits by saving money on energy costs.

Userful MultiSeat for Business (Point of Sale)
Autopartes Fraga - Costa Rica
With Userful MultiSeat Linux, Autopartes Fraga has improved the way they do business. Today they have more happy clients, accurate tracking of sales information, easy to use point of sale terminals, more workers with computer skills, and a growing business.

Userful MultiSeat for Education
San Calixto School - Bolivia
The San Calixto School knew they had found a cost effective solution that would be perfect for their school with Userful MultiSeat. They saved 40% on hardware as compared to a traditional PC-per-station solution, and benefited from additional savings on software by choosing a Linux solution over Microsoft Windows.

Userful MultiSeat for Education
The Valle Real Americano School - Mexico
Powered by Userful software, the Valle Real Americano School is one of the first private schools at the forefront of desktop computing technology in Mexico, offering the most efficient and low cost technology both operationally and administratively to each of their students and employees.

Userful MultiSeat for Education
Government of Veracruz - Mexico
The Government of Veracruz is very satisfied with the solution's low cost, high performance and ease of management. They have found that Userful eliminates ongoing maintenance costs and reduces their hardware costs by 60%.

Userful Desktop for Libraries
Warsaw Community Public Library
Warsaw Community Public Library saved thousands of dollars in IT costs and time with Userful Desktop.

Userful Desktop for Hospitality
Canalta: Business Group
Canalta Group, headquartered in Drumheller, Alberta, develops and operates hotels and restaurants throughout Western Canada.

Userful Desktop for Military
Canadian Forces Afghanistan
Canadian Forces uses Userful software to boost morale of Canadian solders in Afghanistan.

Userful Desktop for Hospitality
Hillcrest Hotel, a Coast Resort
Hillcrest Hotel, a Coast Resort, pleases guests and staff with headache-free computer and Internet access while generating extra revenue.

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