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Userful Multiplatform | Desktop Virtualization


Userful Multiplatform is an all-in-one, bundled solution that turns 1 ordinary PC into up to 20 or more virtual desktops using standard Ethernet or USB connect zero clients available from Viewsonic, Thinglobal, Atrust, Centerm, and others. Optional features include the ability to choose between Cloud, Linux or Windows™ OS, automated failover, and Classroom Management tools.

Download button: Userful Multiplatform

Download Userful Multiplatform (install DVD bundle version) - Includes virtualization software that runs Cloud, Linux or Windows OS, as well as bundled options and add-ons. NEW RELEASE

In addition to Userful Multiplatform, Userful's software can be used to virtualize a variety of Linux distros for large projects. Those interested in a virtualization solution for a specific distro should test using Userful Multiplatform then contact Userful to discuss their needs, their project and specific requirements.


Userful Desktop | Locked-down Public Computing

Userful Desktop is a complete public computing solution that lets you manage, monitor, and multiply locked-down desktops. Simple remote management makes it easy to control and customize desktops through the cloud, simplifying computer management, saving time and money.

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Download Userful Desktop


Userful Network Video Wall | Video Walls and Digital Signage

The Userful Network Video Wall is a premium solution at an affordable price that gives you the opportunity to design dynamic, ultra-high definition video walls with extreme simplicity and unprecedented affordability. It supports grid or artistic, "mosaic" style video walls as well as pre-set zones within the video wall allowing multiple simultaneous streams of content. The solution is highly customizable and flexible.

The Userful software installs an a standard Intel core i7 (4th generation, Haswell or later) PC and turns that PC into a high-end video wall controller that can support 40 displays. For best performance and to maximize the number of displays supported, add an additional supported Nvidia GPU. Userful uses the extra compute power in that add on Nvidia video card to help render content. A higher end PC can support up to 60 displays and 6k source content. Each display requires a zero-client player device, and the solution requires a gigabit switch (10gig for larger deployments).

Download button: Userful Network Video Wall

Download Userful Network Video Wall

About Userful

Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and video walls and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market. 

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