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It's time to take a fresh approach to deploying desktops and displays.

A multitude of applications for the Userful solution

It's time to take a fresh approach to desktops and displays. Userful’s high performance software platform brings the virtual desktop infrastructure beyond monitors to many types of displays, including touch screens and video walls. It replaces the expensive and complicated PC and AV infrastructure with server and client devices to provide a more flexible and lower-cost alternative to traditional PC or AV solutions.

Userful has powered more than one million desktops and interactive displays in over one hundred countries across education, enterprise, retail, and government sectors since 2003. Through a strong ecosystem with world-class hardware partners such as HP, Acer, Centerm, ViewSonic, ThinGlobal and Atrust, Userful software is compatible with a wide range of computer and client device hardware. It's virtualization made simple.

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"If you want to find a desktop PC for probably the lowest price you've ever seen, Userful is making that possible."

- PC Magazine
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