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Userful Multiplatform™ Zero Clients

Half the cost and twice the performance of traditional thin clients!

Zero clients provide all the benefits of traditional thin clients, but with higher performance, and lower costs. The Userful Multiplatform solution is so efficient that a regular PC can be used as the host server for 20+ zero client stations. Any protocol can be run, virtual machines can be installed directly on the server, users have a choice of either Linux or Windows OS for each workstation, and there is a wide range of choice of OEM hardware vendors including Acer, HP, Viewsonic and many more.

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Lower Cost

Userful's OEM partners build true zero clients. Unlike thin clients which contain a low-end processor handling all re-display and communication with the server, these zero clients are essentially just a highly efficient graphics card combined with a USB hub. Each zero client station connects to the host PC or server over Ethernet within the Local Area Network (LAN), or via a USB cable when this is preferable. This ensures extremely responsive performance at a low-cost. Since zero clients do not contain a processor, or any moving parts, these end points can out-last multiple server refresh cycles. Plus with electricity consumption of 3 watts or less, zero clients reduce energy costs, environmental heat, and noise.

Higher Performance

Because Userful (unlike other client software solutions) isn't slowed down by a re-display layer, there is extremely fast performance even on intensive tasks like streaming video. For instance, 20 stations can all play different 720p videos at once off a single core I7 host PC.

Zero Downtime

As long as there are two or more host PCs or servers on the LAN, failover is built in. For instance if there are 30 zero clients on the LAN running off 2 PCs and one PC fails, all 30 zero client stations can run off the single remaining host PC while the failed PC is replaced.

Featured Zero Clients

Viewsonic Logo Viewsonic VMA20/25 zero client Viewsonic MultiClient VMA20/25 (Ethernet only)


Viewsonic Logo Viewsonic VMA10/15 Zero Client Viewsonic MultiClient VMA10/15 (USB only)


Acer Logo Acer Zero Client Acer Zero Client (USB only)


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