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Schools and Universities Reduce Costs and Simplify Computing By Turning One Computer Into Ten Using Linux


CALGARY, AB (January 27, 2005) - Userful, leaders in public computing solutions, introduces a Linux-based software, 1-Box Desktop Multiplier, to drastically reduce the hardware and maintenance costs of computers in schools.  Using extra video cards, this software quickly turns a single ordinary PC into a network of up to ten workstations, creating a ten-to-one advantage over traditional desktop deployments.  Schools and universities can retrofit existing PCs, or use their existing monitors on a new deployment.  Userful's 1-Box Desktop Multiplier combines the best of both PCs and Thin-Clients, allowing for both high performance and low maintenance.

Joshua Leon, Professor and Head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, said, "The 1-Box system has been running at the University of Calgary for almost three years and it has worked extremely well.  1-Box allowed us to install more seats for half the cost of traditional computers.  1-Box in our University has been completely seamless and has been exactly the same to manage as other computing systems."

With 1-Box Desktop Multiplier, up to ten users can work off of a single computer box.  Each user requires only a standard monitor, USB keyboard, and mouse.  Users can simultaneously browse the Internet, send email, and independently run any installed software they desire.  By reducing hardware, software, and maintenance costs, Userful's 1-Box Desktop Multiplier reduces the total cost of ownership by as much as seventy per cent.

Tim Griffin, President of Userful, states, "Our 1-Box software enables schools to leverage the significant cost and security advantages of Linux.  1-Box Desktop Multiplier easily integrates with all major Linux distributions, creating a powerful and compelling enhancement for any educational institution deploying Linux on the desktop."

In addition to making desktop computing drastically more affordable, 1-Box Desktop Multiplier has substantial environmental benefits. The ninety per cent reduction in hardware greatly reduces the power, air conditioning and computer disposal costs in schools.

This ten-to-one desktop advantage can also lead to dramatic savings with a full-suite of management software, DiscoverStation.  This complete solution is virtually virus-immune, tamper-proof, and is more secure, stable, with higher performance than traditional Thin Clients and PC networks. The locked-down environment of DiscoverStation blocks unwanted content access, downloads, and system changes, and enables schools to provide Internet filtering to their students.

Userful's 1-Box Desktop Multiplier customers include libraries, academic institutions, Internet cafes and commercial businesses across North America.

About Userful

For the past three years, Userful has been transforming the world of desktop computing with their unique 1-Box software. Userful's innovation of turning one computer into ten has earned them the status of technology leaders in desktop computing, and has recently been named one of Alberta's fastest growing companies.  With this ten-to-one advantage, Userful has gained a strong presence in the public computing market; with the mission to become the dominant platform for affordable desktop computing worldwide.

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