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Download Userful Multiplatform™

With Userful Multiplatform™ desktop virtualization software, use one standard Core i7 PC and low-cost, low-wattage zero client devices to replace the physical PCs at each display, from desktop monitors beyond to digital signs. Connect the devices using standard Ethernet or USB. Deliver a choice of Microsoft™ Windows as needed and the free integrated cloud desktop, ideal for organizations that use cloud apps like Google Drive. Centrally manage all the displays from a web browser. The software includes a basic digital signage player, automated failover, and add-ons like classroom management tools.


Userful™ 8.6.1

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Userful™ 8.6.1
Released on June 14, 2016

Documentation: Instructions

DVD (ISO) 64-bit   Start-Download
Size: 1.4 GB
Mirror: download  MD5: 78e89bbb7aba33d791f3cd98a4a05760