Purchasing (Userful) won't blow your project budget. It can save you money by reducing the cost of your displays. There are now choices for every budget.


-Digital Signage Today

(Userful) offers a big jump in scalability by supporting more displays and larger content. It enables very large multi-source video walls to be deployed with simplicity at a cost effective price point.



The support for real-time interactive content, seeing how simple it was to manage, and also the possibilities to easily switch content sources between displays, was what really convinced me that Userful was the solution we were looking for.


-Jose Manuel Fernandez, Systems Engineer, EMT-Public Transportation Service

A simple, flexible and visually impressive solution.


-Kyle Romeril, CMP dealership general manager for the Kaizen Automotive Group, Canada

Userful platform definitely took our headaches away by its means of mapping content for the video mosaics.


-John Franzone, VP Game Presentation, Tampa Bay Sports & Entertainment, USA