Userful is the ideal solution regardless of whether you need a simple 2x2 video wall, a very large video wall with all the features of a high end video wall controller, or just stand alone digital signs or touch screens. Userful’s tiered pricing model ensures it’s the most cost effective solution on the market with solutions starting at as low as $199 per display (zero client player device and software included).

Select the appropriate tier below for a quote on your video wall or digital signage project:

  • Basic

  • Desktops
  • Basic Digital Signs
  • Portrait or Landscape Mode
  • Standard

  • 2x2 Landscape Video Wall
  • Touch Screens for Individual Displays
  • Digital Signs using either Mirror Mode or External Capture (HDMI or SDI)
  • All the features in Basic
  • Professional

  • Grid Video Walls - Any Size Except 2x2
  • Support for Either Portrait or Landscape Rotation Video Walls
  • All the features in Standard
  • Ultimate

  • Artistic/Mosaic-style Video Walls
  • Any Angle Rotation of Individual Displays
  • Place Displays Anywhere on the Canvas
  • Multi Zone/Multi Source Video Walls
  • Preset Remote Control
  • Preset Zones
  • All the features in Professional

Why is Userful is the most cost-effective video wall controller on the market?

  • The solution leverages off the shelf hardware, as opposed to proprietary equipment
  • It uses existing network infrastructure to deliver content to the video wall instead of expensive cable extenders and relay equipment
  • Unlike other video wall controllers, Userful doesn’t use proprietary, expensive video cards but connects to displays using zero clients, which offer increased flexibility and come at a fraction of the cost of high end video cards.
  • Installation costs are lower as Userful doesn’t require specialized technical expertise to be able to set it up and configure it.
  • Userful’s transparent pricing and licensing structure ensure there are no hidden or surprise extra-costs.

Note: Prices might vary in countries due to exchange rates and taxes. Please consult your Userful representative for more details where applicable.