Userful Network Video Wall. Simply Stunning.

Design dynamic, ultra-high definition video walls with extreme simplicity and unprecedented affordability. The Userful Network Video Wall leverages industry standard hardware, zero client player devices at each display, and a single core i7 PC to create stunning video walls that scale up to 25 displays. Capture your audience with fully customizable display configurations including grid formats or eye-catching artistic layouts. Easily deploy and manage all video wall content using a basic signage player with an intuitive browser-based app on any device. It's the premium solution at an affordable price.

How it works

Industry Standard Hardware 

Create multiple, dynamic video walls with extreme value and simplicity that scale up to 25 displays by leveraging industry standard hardware with a core i7 PC.

Artistic and Grid Configurations

Arrange video walls in standard grid or artistic formats. Rotate some or all displays in 90 degree increments to create a unique video wall. Display video, HMTL5, flash or even 3D content at 4K resolution.

Network Delivered

Enjoy the freedom to deliver one or more video walls from the same server and store the server anywhere within the local area network. Reduce wiring and rack space by using a standard PC server, a gigabit network and zero client devices.

Configuration Flexibility

A visual matrix makes it easy to create and edit media playlists and to perfectly calibrate a video wall down to a single pixel, even from a smartphone.

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Get creative with eye-catching Artistic Video Walls


Supports artistic and non-standard video wall layouts including:

  • Rotation of any individual display or group of displays to any angle
  • Arbitrary placement of displays across the canvas
  • Mix of display sizes and shapes on the same video wall
  • Overlap of displays


See it in action

Watch this demonstration video to see how easy it is to set up, calibrate and manage an artistic video wall layout with Userful Network Video Wall.

          Artistic Layout  

New! Now with any angle rotation

Networked Video Walls

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Design video walls with extreme simplicity and unprecedented affordability

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