Video Wall Feature: Automated Failover

Userful Videowall Controller - Automated Failover Feature

One of the advantages of leveraging the network for a digital signage or video wall project is the ability to have a second, back up PC available on that same network. With Userful this is easy. The automated failover feature allows a second PC to be set to back up the host PC. In the unlikely event that first PC should fail, the zero clients connected to the displays will switch over to the back up PC. This is done automatically and doesn’t require manual intervention.

Once the failover configuration is set all the settings changes from the host PC will be mirrored on the backup PC, however certain content stored on the hard drive should be manually copied over to both to ensure identical content is available on each.

Once the problem with the host PC is addressed, the admin needs to use the Userful Control Center (UCC) to reset the zero clients to connect to the original host PC.

Access to the automated failover feature is free at all levels but requires purchase of Userful Maintenance and Support and access to the feature and must be requested at the time of purchase to ensure backup licenses are correctly issued.

For more information on this feature, contact your userful representative.

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