Don't overspend on an Activu video wall. Userful has all the key features at a fraction the price.

  • 1 to 100 screens up to 8k
  • Multisource and multizone configurations
  • Mobile & Tablet Compatible
  • Powerful API for fine grain control

“ We use it as a credibility piece with our prospects... to show our capability ”

Lightbound VP Chuck Reed

Chuck Reed | VP of Operations

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Save Money

Save Money

By using an off-the-shelf PC and the network Userful keeps costs low.

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage

Drag and drop browser-based management

High End Features

High-end Features

Bundle high end video wall features to meet your needs

How Do We Do It?

Userful Other Video Wall Providers
Off the Shelf Hardware Proprietary Equipment
Scale Easily Expensive to Upgrade or Expand
Extremely Flexible Specialized Hardware with Limited Artistic
Layout Options
Easy DIY Setup Specialized Installation
Transparent Pricing Lots of Hidden Costs!

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