What are video walls used for?

Video walls seem to be popping up everywhere these days. It isn’t hard to see why—they have been eye-catching and extremely engaging ever since they were first introduced in the 1980s, but back then their phenomenal cost limited them to a few specific applications. Modern technology has made video walls more cost-efficient; enabling their use for almost any application.

Engage audiences

Digital signs and billboards are highly engaging and work to catch the eye of passers-by like no other technology can. That allows them to deliver a commercial message quickly and effectively even amid the clamor of distractions, and it also allows them to deliver critical safety and directional information as well. This makes video wall technology ideal for a huge variety of industries and use-cases including retail, airports, hospitals, financial institutions, universities and educational settings, live events, hospitality and entertainment, and many more. They are also implemented in the service industry, particularly Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) as menus and interactive information board.

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The Top 10 Factors to help you select the right Content Management System for Video Wall

Digital signage video walls help businesses promote their brand, engage with their audience, deliver important messages, transform the look and feel of a space. Creating and managing content however can be a time-consuming task one which some companies may not be comfortable undertaking.

Enter the Content Management System (CMS).

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Using video walls to monitor your company’s performance in real time

Information is the lifeblood of many businesses today. Organizations want to know details of their social media engagement, their website traffic and lead generation, their production status, support ticket statistics, stock price, there are an almost limitless number of data points vital to business success.

In order to ensure key players in the company, or sometimes everyone in the company, are aware of information, organizations use dashboards to gather key statistics and data points from a variety of sources. Visualization and understanding of key metrics can help companies improve their business.

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Why Control Rooms Need Optimized Display Solutions

Team leaders and Operators in control rooms, command centers, Network Operations Centers (NOCs), Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) are in charge of overseeing company and community infrastructure, security, telecommunications, safety, and more. They rely heavily on accurate and timely data to make informed mission-critical decisions. 

No matter the industry—within the private or public sector—professionals monitor vital business infrastructure and core functionalities, using data.

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Userful Video Wall in Control Rooms, Command Centers and Nocs.

We have just unveiled our most recent video Userful Video Wall for Control Rooms, Command Centers and Network Operation Centers (NOC). It provides a comprehensive introduction to all the features that makes Userful the ideal solution for control rooms and command centers.

You will see how easy Userful makes it to deploy a video wall for better data visualization and analysis and for a more efficient team collaboration. A Userful video wall is the ideal way to ensure you’re making informed decisions in your control room.

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The Key Role Played by Digital Displays in Control Rooms and Command Centers

EMT Control Center in Malaga, Spain

Control rooms and command centers exist to ensure the operation of critical infrastructures. From mission control at NASA, to a city’s transportation system, to a communications service provider, the control room supports a team of experts who are constantly monitoring the data coming from their networks, ensuring their system’s up-time is maximized.

The main requirements a control room would have of a monitoring system would be the following:

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Control Rooms and Command Centers Get the Most out of Their Video Walls with Userful

Userful Case Study: Lightbound - Control Room

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How to Make a Video Wall: 10 Tips

There are so many ways to plan and implement a video wall that it can be hard to talk about a single, standard traditional approach:

  • Some video wall vendors add video cards to PC's which are then used to control video walls.
  • Other video wall controllers are built on proprietary hardware with multiple built-in video outputs.
  • Another approach to deploying video walls is to synchronize multiple players on the back of each display.

Deploying a video wall can be an overwhelming experience, which is why Userful offers a solution that is simple, high performance and flexible.

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Video Wall Deployments – Using Commercial Displays vs. Consumer TVs

Video wall solutions are usually associated with big enterprises and high expenses. But now it has come a time when flexibility in a solution plays a huge role in getting the best out of your video wall, and that includes displays too.

We often get asked about using inexpensive consumer-grade TVs for video walls. The Userful video-wall product is one of the few cost-effective options that supports using any display (or a mix of displays) to create a video wall. So the question naturally arises: when can you safely take advantage of the substantial cost savings of using consumer TVs versus commercial displays for your video wall?
What's the best display option for your video wall?

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