Costa Rican students gain twenty-first century learning experience

In 2011, many students across Costa Rica didn't have access to the proper technology in order to help them fully succeed in school. Libraries required updated textbooks and improved technology resources in order provide the best education.

The Ministry of Education in Costa Rica decided to take action and launch a project, named "Bibliocra", that would provide access to technology to students and teachers across the country. Userful joined the Bibliocra project in order to help the country gain essential computing and Internet access for the most affordable cost.

The Userful Desktop virtualization solution was implemented in school libraries throughout Costa Rica, powering multiple desktop stations with one central PC. Each station uses a zero client device to virtualize up to twenty locked-down and secure desktops. This solution drastically reduced hardware, software, and electricity costs for the Ministry of Education, allowing more computer stations to be deployed in more schools.


The Bibliocra project deployed over 700 desktops across 116 schools, meeting the needs of thousands of students in Costa Rica. With access to technology, students learn new skills through online research, play educational games, and can create documents for class. Teachers are also provided with a new outlet to better teach and demonstrate subject areas to students, creating an enhanced learning experience.

Anny González Gairaud, MEP Project Manager of Bibliocra, emphasized the significance of the project and how valuable it is to the students of Costa Rica.

"We want students to have the opportunity to be connected around the world with different places, sites, and portals, so they can obtain information for what they want to do in their classrooms. The students want and need to use technology when they are looking for information for the curriculum."

Watch our video to see how the students of Escuela Los Lagos elementary school are benefiting from the new access to technology.

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