Fun New Video Introduction to Userful Video Walls

Userful video wall processor diagram

We recently released an update to our software (version 9.0!) and Userful has so many great features, we thought it was time to make a new, more up-to-date ‘introduction’ video about the Userful video wall solution. In this fun, animated video, you’ll see how Jenny and Greg found the perfect fit for their video wall needs with Userful.

This short 3-minute video showcases the power of Userful and what it can do for your video wall projects. We want to make it easy for you to deploy video walls. Userful turns a standard PC into a flexible and powerful video wall controller with features that include: support for up to 8k content, on up to 100 screens, any layout imaginable—either in tradition grid configuration, or artistic—, preset zones, and a whole set of interactive features, and now including a powerful API for advanced integration. Check out the video - we hope you enjoy!


Want to watch more awesome videos from Userful with tips, how-tos and case studies? Check out our resource area for videos, guides and much more.

Video Wall News | March 2017
An Interview with AVNation's Tim Albright

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