Integrate digital displays into your space: Balance aesthetics and functionality

Artistic Video Wall

Digital signage has become a pivotal element in our everyday lives, a key medium for delivering information, engaging customers and promoting a brand. Digital displays are everywhere you go—restaurants, hotels, airports, malls, retail stores. However, if you think digital signage is about simply displaying your message, think again.

Digital displays are a way to create an exciting, engaging and unique aesthetics and turning a visit to a restaurant, store or hotel into an experience. Digital displays can be deployed in ways that are functional, engaging and visually stunning for an aesthetically pleasing experience. This is often called “techorating” which is a mix between technology and decor. It’s about integrating display technologies, digital signage and even projection systems with the overall decorative theme of a room or building to promote a brand, transform a shopper’s experience or engage with an audience in a new way.

Challenges of incorporating digital displays into a space

If you want to transform or even just enhance your space, a single display isn’t going to be enough. A single display or digital sign may seem a simple, non intrusive way to incorporate digital technology, but if you want to truly engage your audience and deliver a message they fall short—single displays are everywhere after all, digital signs, flat screen TVs, kiosks etc.

Video walls on the other hand, provide a broader range of possibilities to transform a space, and create ambiance. And then if you have the opportunity to add multiple video walls, and the ability to synch those video walls, and perhaps also synch individual stand alone displays, then you have some real tools with which to transform the look and feel of space, change the ambiance and aesthetics, and create a unique experience.

The very nature of a video wall is to really capture people’s attention. Video walls came about because a single display wasn’t enough to capture and command attention.

“There is a statue of a tiger in our nightclub, is not square, it has some curves and angles, so I was looking for a video wall that could I could position any way I wanted”
(Wesley Longo, Manager at Tiger Nightclub)

The challenge is to ensure the video wall you deploy and the content you put on it works with the space. Unfortunately video walls are often deployed as upgrade projects to modernize the look and feel of the room: We need more excitement in our lobby, we need to promote our brand, we need to engage customers outside our building. If you take this route, you’re at risk of having the display's contrast or conflict with the space aesthetic, instead of complementing it.

We know how hard it can be: you have rectangular displays (many with large profiles) and feel like you need to arrange them together in a grid—either landscape or portrait layout. That’s a rather limited palette to work with. Transforming the look, feel and experience of a space while also engaging people is a tall order for any designer and AV integrator and even harder with limited options.

Video Wall featuring Tiger Nightclub Statue

Userful can make it easier for you.

Now is when things get interesting. With Userful you have much more flexibility in terms of how you lay out your displays and how you synchronize your displays. With Userful video walls can be arranged in Artistic layouts, with odd angle rotations, mix of display sizes and aspect ratios, and truly create unique, stunning video walls that will really engage your audience.

Displays can also be arranged sparsely across the space and then can be synchronized to strategically show content and deliver the message. Put displays wherever you want them and however you want them (yes even individual displays can be rotated) then synchronize whichever displays you want, when the content requires it. Now that’s flexibility when it comes to display lay out and configuration. With Userful you can deploy just about any display layout or configuration.

Intelligent design will let you create an immersive experience for people, taking them to different places, different times, based on the different content you showcase. Speaking of content, you need to think about the type of content that will really engage the audience and play well with both the design of the space and the video wall. Is it video, interactive web or desktop applications, scheduled content, HDMI content from laptops, blu-ray, etc.? Again here Userful is the ideal solution to maintain maximum flexibility as it supports just about any content and an almost unlimited number of inputs.

Banner Video Wall at Smokin' Joes' Bar

“If you can dream it, Userful can make it happen”

It is all about possibilities and options, and Userful provides them. Stand alone displays, grid video walls of any size (up to 100 screens!), any layout— either landscape, portrait, or both; as well as displays at any angle, with different sizes and aspect ratios, you name it. It also supports a wide range of input sources (from native video to HTML5, HDMI capture, network streams, interactive browser and desktop environments, CMS and scheduled content, etc.). Userful gives designers and content creators a full palette of options to create the most engaging and stunning of video walls to transform a space, to techorate, to engage with an audience and create a unique on site experience.

“When I saw the way that [with Userful] you could manipulate the displays any way that you wanted too, I thought that was pretty fascinating… I really really wanted to build an [Artistic] video wall”
(Brian Duarte, Managing Partner at Smokin’ Joe’s)

Incorporating displays into a space can be quite challenging, even more so if the tools we are working with limit us, rather than empower us. Video walls are truly engaging, and they become more engaging when they complement the space they live in, playing along with all the other elements in the room. In order to achieve that, designers need to rely on solutions that give them the options and tools to let their creative minds run free.

Learn more about the Userful Artistic video wall and how they can help you complement your space.

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