It’s a race! Video walls put a modern twist on classic Christmas tradition

Userful wishes you a very happy holiday! Every holiday season, Userful sets up a Christmas tree in the office to get everyone in the festive mood. This year, however, we decided to put a modern twist on the old fashioned, traditional Christmas tree. We wanted to setup a Userful Network Video Wall Christmas tree!

But, we had to make it a bit more interesting. With all of the pieces of the old Christmas tree sitting in the office, we asked, "What is faster and easier to set up, the Christmas tree or the video wall Christmas tree?" The only way to answer this question was with a friendly holiday race!

Two of our hardworking team members stood side by side, shook hands, and off they went! Check out the video to see who won!

Happy Holidays from Userful!

The Userful Network Video Wall displays were placed onto a velcro wall and configured through the browser-based control center with drag and drop management that allows for screen rotation and artistic lay outs like the one used here.

The new Userful Network video wall enables anyone to deploy up to 25 displays on multiple video walls all connected over a standard Ethernet connection. Each display is connected through a small zero client device player, allowing the server to be located anywhere in the building. It's so simple, even someone with a limited IT background can deploy and manage a video wall with 4k resolution.

The solution is perfect for any organization looking to capture an audience, or engage a team while still staying under budget. Video walls don't have to be complicated anymore. The Userful Network Video Wall is the premium solution to create simply stunning, 4k content with incredible ease.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays!

And the winner is...Userful Desktop for Product of...
Video walls don’t have to be complicated