Retailers Should Turn to AV-over-IP to Boost Their Digital Signage Strategies

To combat the many challenges brick-and-mortar retailers face today, managers must turn to new solutions that will generate incremental sales and market share uplift, increase consumer loyalty and demonstrate there is still value to physical stores, even in the era of e-commerce.

One new weapon in the retailer’s arsenal today is enhanced digital signage. Digital signage today is much more than a group of monitors displaying vivid pictures, it should be part of an organization’s comprehensive visual communication strategy. AV-over-IP solutions are on the rise and retailers can leverage their existing network infrastructure to display promotional deals, new products, encourage customer engagement, and more.

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The Control Room of the Future: Flexibility is King

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Turn Visual Content into a Competitive Differentiator with Userful’s Visual Networking Platform for the Enterprise

Rapid, complete, frictionless communication is the currency that buys organizations success in today’s highly business environment, in industries ranging from transportation to telecommunications. Video and visual content are the core assets that back that currency. Userful has been an innovator in helping organizations leverage their video and visual content since it was founded.

That innovation continues with our new visual networking platform for the enterprise, which includes powerful and user-friendly software and cloud platform that provides a unified solution for all visual communication needs within the enterprise—from communication to collaboration, and operations—all delivered on standard IP network and centrally managed. Leveraging the flexibility of a visual network platform to power all requirements in a multi-site environment is a key strength for organizations wanting to effectively utilize their display assets.

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Top 10 reasons why you need a video wall in your company

Video walls are enjoying record growth. A recently released report stated that 2017 the Video wall industry enjoyed a robust 47% year over year growth

This is very significantly higher than the growth in digital signage sales which in the past was often where video walls were deployed.

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Userful at LG Tech Tour

Last week we were at the LG Tech Tour event in Los Angeles. This one-day event is part of a series of meet and greet that LG Business Solutions hosts. These are a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about the latest in display technology solutions.

In this edition our VP of Products, Rob Miller gave a very interesting presentation about How software is changing the world of AV-over-IP, Video walls will never be the same. In it, he talked about how delivering digital content to displays over the network is revolutionizing the AV industry, and how it is changing the landscape of digital display.

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How Userful Works with LED panels

Although a traditional back-lit LCD video wall still offers the best value for highest resolution, direct output LED panels are dropping quickly in cost and offer higher brighness, true zero-bezel and typically a longer lifespan and wider range of colors. As higher resolution direct-output technologies such as OLED and MicroLED come to market the resolution and pixel-density will be less of an issue, although there still some time until it becomes mainstream.

For anyone requiring true zero bezel or ultra-high brigtness, LED is the way to go. Nowadays LED walls are custom built to order. Installers spec the solution to the pixel size they need and manufacturers build to order. The question we get asked most often is:

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How to Build a Very Large Banner Video Wall

Banner video walls are a vital tool for digital signage professionals. After all, banners are a very common way to display static signage. To make a banner video wall it is a matter of stitching together a series of displays in a row (horizontally) or in a column (vertically), and being able to do this, in theory at least, ad infinitum.

Can I really build an infinitely large banner video wall?

Perhaps you may think that as long as you have the space to put up the banner video wall, you can make it as large as you want. But the truth is that there are limitations (the good news is that there are ways around those limitations...but more on that later).

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Infocomm 2018: Userful Cloud & AV over IP

What an amazing show we had at Infocomm 2018. This year we had our own booth, where we showcased our artistic video wall and interactive features—for use in Office, Dashboard and Collaborative environments, as well as in control rooms and command centers:

What should I know before buying a video wall?

Over the past few years, video walls have become much easier to use and dramatically less expensive. However, choosing and installing a video wall system is no casual task. Before you decide on a supplier, manufacturer or specific system, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the purpose of this video wall today and in the future?

You need to be very clear on what you actually need the video wall system to accomplish both today and in the future. Obviously you’ll know from the start whether it’s for signage, data visualization, dashboards, mission control, but within these categories there are still many different business objectives you might have in mind. One office video wall might be strictly for dashboard and KPI displays while another might be primarily for that use case but also for team collaboration which would require more interactivity. But is it also possible you may want your video wall to accomplish both of these tasks in the future?

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What are video walls used for?

Video walls seem to be popping up everywhere these days. It isn’t hard to see why – they have been eye-catching and extremely engaging ever since they were first introduced in the 1980s, but back then their phenomenal cost limited video walls to a few specific applications. Modern video wall technology has become more cost-efficient, enabling their use in almost any application.

Video walls to engage audiences

Digital signs and billboards are highly engaging and work to catch the eye of passers-by like no other technology can. That allows them to deliver a commercial message quickly and effectively even amid the clamor of distractions, and it also allows them to deliver critical safety and directional information as well. This makes video walls ideal for a huge variety of industries and use-cases including retail, airports, hospitals, financial institutions, universities and educational settings, live events, hospitality and entertainment, and many more. Digital signage and video walls are also implemented in the service industry, particularly Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) as menus and interactive information board.

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