Making the switch: Why more people are choosing Userful

VDI infographicUserful is continuing to prove itself as the world's top virtualization software solution. Increasingly, people around the world are shifting to Userful Multiplatform, as it caters to a wider range of markets than many of the other products around. The great affordability and flexibility of Userful Multiplatform desktop virtualization make it the desktop virtualization solution of choice for a growing number of small businesses, call centers and technology resellers from across the globe.

Recently, two NComputing resellers decided to adopt the Userful platform as an alternative to NComputing in order to better meet their customer's standards.

Nclouding Co. Ltd., a cloud computing and virtualization reseller from South Korea, decided to switch from NComputing to Userful because its limited capabilities were no longer meeting their customer's expectations. Nclouding decided to go with Userful instead because of its powerful performance and simple central management features.

"We found that Userful installs on a host PC with ease and promptness. We also like the intuitive drag-and-drop user interface on the browser-based Userful control center," said Michael Chun, founder and CEO at Nclouding.

Nclouding was also attracted to Userful's ability to provide options beyond desktop displays.

"Some Userful features, such as not needing a MicrosoftTM Windows operating system, greatly attracted us as did the ability to add digital signage. We recently introduced the digital signage to our key hospital client and they decided to adopt Userful immediately."

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Another NComputing reseller, ThinTech, based out of Mexico, recently switched to Userful to offer entry-level desktop virtualization to the United States and Mexico. ThinTech chose the all-in-one Userful solution in order to meet the rising demands for more cost-effective and flexible computing solutions.

"With several years of experience selling virtualization solutions with thin and zero clients, I have seen that with Userful, you get more at less cost compared to NComputing with VSpaceTM Server." said Sergio Du Solier, ThinTech CEO.

Userful Multiplatform is also one of the few desktop virtualization solutions that call centers can implement to better equip agents and reduce overall costs. AMJ Technologies, an IT support company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, has adopted Userful software to improve computing quality and drastically reduce costs.

"It allowed us to use the existing infrastructure without requiring more resources like wiring, networking, or power. Using a traditional method, we would have needed extra power, materials and resources, let alone our extra time," Johnson added. "Userful Multiplatform is an out of the box idea that just really clicks and makes so much sense. Why didn't someone think of this before?"

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