New Video: How to Turn a PC into a High-End Video Wall Controller

Userful Video Wall Controller Vertical1We have a new video to share with you this week, “How to Turn a PC into a High-End Video Wall Controller”. In this video, we take a look at how Userful differs from traditional video wall controllers and show you how easy it is to set up and manage a video wall for just about any use case you can imagine using a PC, your network and Userful software. Userful is incredibly flexible and scaleable, has a long list of features and beats out the competition on pricing and we go into detail on all those points in this video starting with the key differences between Userful and traditional video wall controllers.

The video gives some great examples of stunning video walls and introduces the Userful Control Centre, which is a browser based tool that gives drag and drop simple control over the video wall to admins or staff. It also goes in-depth into how everything is set up. Each display is connected to the Userful PC over the network and so the number of displays a Userful PC can support is limited only by the capacity of the network and the power of the PC. We share some of the great features that are part of the Userful solution, including preset zone support, preset remote control, and show how a PC running Userful can pull in content from just about any source, including HDMI capture cards (4k or 1080p), as well as supporting many locally installed content sources, network content streams, how it integrates with multiple CMS’s and even supports display of multiple full independent desktops.

Watch the video and see how you can create and manage just about any kind of video wall -- from a very large grid video wall to an artistic video wall with angled displays and a mix of display sizes and types, easily. More about Userful as a video wall controller can be found here.

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