Say hello to a different virtualization. It’s simple.

Userful Multiplatform 7 SoftwareToday is a milestone! Today marks the latest release of our Userful Multiplatform 7.0 desktop virtualization software. Get ready to say hello to a different virtualization. It's simple. Userful Multiplatform 7.0 is designed to eliminate complexity and cost that has traditionally prevented organizations from switching their PC refresh cycle to desktop virtualization.

Userful Multiplatform 7.0 is the simplest, most flexible, highest performing and lowest cost desktop virtualization software available. It centralizes all PCs, operating systems and desktops into a low-cost, server appliance that replaces stand-alone physical PCs, independent operating systems and desktops.

New in version 7.0

  • Better performance than complex virtualization products - our solution is simple and lightweight, yet robust enough for smaller deployments all the way to the largest virtual desktop deployment in the world (yes, that's Userful - it's in Brazil).
  • Virtualize desktops. Yep, deploy one or many desktops to each computer station, touch screen or large interactive display. Administrators can deploy a choice of desktops, including a mix of Microsoft Windows, Linux, cloud-clients and remote desktops, or deploy the one desktop to everyone. What does that mean? Well, on the touch screen where you use a non-Windows program, you can set that up for your touch screens. On the desktops that do use Windows, you can set that up too. And on the interactive displays where you use Chrome, yes, you can also set that up. The best part is that all of those desktops you setup can all be powered by 1 standard PC that Userful software turns into a server appliance. And the server appliance can reside anywhere in a building, as long as it's on the network. So much choice! It's incredibly flexible.
  • From the welcome screen on each display, users can choose their preferred operating system in just one click. That means no IT support is needed to set someone up on their preferred OS. So easy.
  • Hybrid docking station. This is an interesting new feature, the first of its kind in the world, in fact. Empower collaboration in meeting rooms and increase productivity in hotdesking spaces by sharing or extending content from a laptop to a second display. A single USB cable plugged from a laptop to a client extends the content. Unplug the USB cable to return to the original desktop.
  • Create virtual Microsoft Windows XP, 7 or 8 machines once and map to any number of computers. Customers can use a cost effective Microsoft Windows Diskless COA license instead of VDA licenses. If you've ever set up PC after PC of programs, virus software and the like, it's so time consuming. With our system, you just set it up 1x on the host PC/Server and send that image to whatever display or desktop you desire with the touch of a button. Saving you and your IT team hundreds of hours of work and maintenance time.

So what does this mean? More time, more choice and more savings. Free yourself from the grip of complex virtualization solutions, if you don't need them. Get the freedom of a 'light' virtualization solution and save on costs while gaining on performance. And if you already have the complex virtualization solution, but want something to add-on that is plug and play, our system includes basic support for RDP, Citrix and VMware, with full support coming in the next release. Userful Multiplatform is the simplest, most flexible and lowest cost desktop virtualization solution for anyone who needs to set up and manage a fleet of computers, or mixed displays - desktops, touch screens, interactive displays.

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