Userful helps WG Electronics with one of the world’s largest transparent video walls!

userful wg eclectronics transparent video wallIn a world where access to technology has become commonplace and information is delivered with great ease, catching attention isn’t easy. Smartphones are in every hand and fewer and fewer people are paying attention to the world around them. This has affected store owners, who have been struggling to grow walk in traffic. To create a big impact, retailers now need to go a step further, and innovation plays an important role.

Transparent video walls are an innovative solution to effective storefront advertising. They provide the impactful edge that store owners can use to attract and engage their customers. With Userful’s powerful and flexible video wall solution, the possibilities are endless. They can display relevant information and other stunning visual content in the foreground while the product itself or anything else can be viewed through the transparent display in the background.

WG Electronics, a provider of transparent display solutions, will be showcasing one of the world’s largest transparent video wall, powered by Userful, at the VISCOM international trade fair for visual communication in Düsseldorf, Germany from November 4-6, 2015.

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