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Improve the Bottom Line? Retailers can Upsell with Digital Signage

Video walls are one of the most flexible tools retailers have to create in-store experiences and offer unique opportunities for the modern retail environment. Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful, wrote this article for Digital Signage Today (@DigSignageToday) about how video walls can offer retailers a way to stand out from the crowd, draw in customers and promote a brand, while at the same time providing an ideal platform for increasing sales. Read more >>

How Video Improves the Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything these days. Forbes (@Forbes) takes a look a how “video marketing is one of the most engaging ways to create an effective customer experience” with some suggestions for best practices and pitfalls to avoid. Read more >>

From Pear Tree to Grocer Shelf - 122 Digital Billboards Broadcast ‘Live Harvest’

Digital billboards were recently used in an innovative campaign that improved the bottom line for one grocery store’s sales. According to Digital Signage Connection (@DSConnection), 122 digital billboards were employed around Belgium for a 24-hour period to live stream pears being harvested all the way to ending up on the grocery shelf in a campaign called “Live Harvest.” Garnering more than 10 million media impressions in one day, grocer Delhaize were sold out of Wolfcarius pears by 3 p.m. the following day. Read more >>

3 Tips to Engage Retail Customers While They Wait

Waiting time in the retail world is pretty much a certainty - but can also be an opportunity for a business to connect with their audience. These 3 tips from Digital Signage Today (@DigSignageToday) show how retailers can create brand experiences using tools such as digital signage to engage customers while they wait. Read more >>

Video Walls of the Future Make Your Home Disappear

Imagine if your house could blend completely into its surroundings to effectively 'disappear'? The future is not far off with this versatile ceramic "video wall" tile according to this article from Hidden Wires UK (@HiddenWires, @inAVate). Read more >>

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