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3 Ways to Use Digital Signage More Productively

Writing for the Interactive Customer Experience Association (@icxassociation) Lyle Bunn writes that, as digital signage technology has grown both more powerful and more affordable, there are 3 significant ways to improve its productivity: by focusing customer experience, by conducting GAP analysis, and through impact assessment. Read more >>

Bonus link: Tackling 3 challenges of interactive 4K digital signage

UK Shoppers Want Next-gen Technology in Retail Stores

A new report by Barclays indicates shoppers in the UK want to experience new technologies in physical stores.

Of those surveyed, 57% said they were more likely to visit stores that have the latest technologies such as smart fitting rooms. At least 65% of shoppers said they wanted to see touchscreen technology in stores. Read more >>

Digital Menu Boards: Overhyped or Must-Have?

Digital menu boards are a hotly debated topic across food industry industry. But are they worth the price? This article in Digital Signage Today (@DigSignageToday) explores the benefits enjoyed by restaurants that have embraced digital menus. Read more >>

When Do You Really Need a Video Wall Controller?

In this guest article for Digital Signage Today (@DigSignageToday), Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful explains how a video wall controller is different than a video wall scaler. Today’s scalers have a variety of limitations, while video wall controllers give a lot more, well, control, even as cost and complexity have been reduced. Read more >>

Why and When to Hire a Third-Party AV Consultant

Sometimes, choosing a technology partner feels like going on a blind date. You may have some idea of what they’re all about, you might even meet once or twice and get to know them a little more, but in the end, it’s scary. How do you really know they are the right match for you, your company, and your buying process? Read more >>

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