Video Walls Explained: Decoding The Various Tech Approaches

Sixteen: Nine LogoWe would like to share this great article with you, recently published by digital signage blog, Sixteen:Nine, and written by our own CTO, Tim Griffin. He takes a moment to show the different approaches to implementing video walls, including some of their advantages and shortcomings.

"Video wall technology is advancing at a great pace, and we are starting to see them everywhere: malls, airports, sports arenas, sports bars and restaurants, museums, even out on the street. Of course they have always been associated with big companies and big money. But for the past year, new platforms have been emerging that are making them more accesible, simple and flexible." Read on for more...

 We hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for more insight on video wall technologies.





Running Virtual Machines on a Video Wall Controlle...
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