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Here’s a roundup of some cool new things on our website, on the internet and on Youtube about Userful from the past month, in case you’ve missed them.

Userful video wall in a museum

Content to Explore:

Have a look at the new Userful REST API. Now you can connect your Userful video walls with external sensors—such as face and motion detectors—to interactively control many of your video wall features. Click here to learn more >>

We recently added a very powerful set of interactivity features to our Userful video wall controller software. It takes interaction with your video walls to a whole new level. Visit our interactive video wall feature page to learn more >>

The Userful Control Center is the heart of the Userful solution. A powerful and intuitive web-based management tool where you configure and manage your video walls, available for you totest online in our most recently released demo. Get access here >>

Videos to Watch:

A detailed look at the basic requirements and installation process of the Userful video wall controller solution, plus a tour of the Userful Control Centre. Definitely a great instructional tool.

A great video unveiling the basics of video wall processors—what is a video wall processor, some key considerations, as well as some unique things that the Userful video wall processor provides to users.

A short clip of a very creative use of a video wall, deployed by our partners, Omega at a casino. This video shows one of the endless possibilities of how you can deploy a Userful video wall.

Articles to Read:

The AV industry’s well-known and influential portal Sixteen:Nine recently published a comprehensive article on "How to Impress Your Audience with an Interactive Video Wall" from Userful’s CTO, Tim Griffin, describing new ways to do interactivity with video walls, beyond touch screens. A great read if you want to learn more about the subject. Read more >>

Resources to Use:

Remember to check out our resource section for lots of video wall tips, checklists, videos and more - including access to our handy Buyer’s Toolkit. Check it out >>

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