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No matter its size, every business relies on many computers to power monitors and digital displays so employees can get to work and customers can quickly get what they need. Setting them up can be expensive to deploy and even more expensive to manage and maintain, especially if they are not integrated. Replacing the traditional one computer for each display approach with virtualization is a proven solution to reducing over 50% of computer deployment and management costs. Even still, most virtualization previously available was designed for large organizations with large budgets and IT teams.

Meet Userful Multiplatform desktop virtualization (VDI) software. It's one computing solution to power the many displays in a business. With Userful Multiplatform, even the smallest business can afford to deploy a mix of customer and employee facing desktops and digital signs - no IT skills required. Userful Multiplatform is the simplest, most flexible, and lowest cost approach to provide computing power to many monitors, displays, interactive touch screens or interactive whiteboards, and digital signs.Powering multiple displays using Userful Multiplatform


Call Center

Keep your computing system simple

Call centers usually rely on a large deployment of computers to maintain a successful business. Using one PC per workstation can end up being quite costly and time-consuming, while also consuming excessive amounts of power and energy. Userful Multiplatform desktop virtualization software allows call centers to deploy multiple workstations with one PC used to power them. This reduces the waste of many resources such as maintenance, staff and IT time, electricity, and hardware costs, while providing a variety computing options.

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Power multiple desktop computers seamlessly

Call center agents will barely notice the fluid transition to Userful Multiplatform with its simple and efficient setup. One central, locked-down PC manages twenty or more workstations, which will allow you to reduce IT support and maintenance costs drastically. As a result, Userful Multiplatform will allow your call center to save valuable time and money. In addition, call center agents will be able to utilize multiple workstations at a time, allowing employees to become more efficient and productive at work.

Userful Multiplatform for your business

Userful Multiplatform replaces physical PCs with ultra-thin or zero-client devices to power multiple workstations from one PC, providing users with the choice of operating systems, such as cloud-client desktops, Linux, or Microsoft™ Windows. You can also add interactive touchscreens or digital displays to create more computing options and improve business efficiency.

Userful Multiplatform desktop virtualization software

Userful's logo in redUserful Multiplatform™ powers multiple displays, workstations, touchscreens, and digital displays, each with a choice of operating system, all powered and managed from just one host computer. It's the simplest virtualization solution.

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Customer case studies

Power your call centers with Userful Multiplatform
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Userful Multiplatform in call centers equips more employees using fewer computers.
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