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The Dataminr project was a great success, and as Lee pointed out, “Userful hit all the right notes in this project. From the ease of install and use, to the flexibility of adding and managing content easily. Everyone involved has been very happy with the product, especially the part of being so cost-effective and easy to use and manage.”

The Result

Userful Premier Soccer League Awards Screens

Bowles says that, “With [Userful], the 2016 Premier Soccer League Awards screen design took on a whole new look. Furthermore, the system is lightning fast to setup. What would have taken 1-2 days with our previous solutions took about 1 hour.” One of the greatest benefits of going with the Userful solution was the cost-effectiveness and the high-level of performance and production it delivers.

Bowles adds that, “as a non-technical person, I’m happy because it works. Before Userful it was very difficult, and definitely we will feature it in our productions and events to create visually exciting screen layouts in the future.”

Donor recognition video wall graces museum's main entrance

Userful helped Suffolk achieve its vision of a dynamic, flexible and affordable video wall. As Bhattacharya puts it, “even though other solutions were Windows-based—which is the most common platform—Userful proved to be the most solid. It hasn’t crashed once yet, while our previous solution crashed many times.” Bhattacharya is not the only Suffolk employee who is elated by the product—Suffolk’s engineers and operators also enjoy the convenience of being able to control the displays and content remotely from a tablet.

The Userful video wall has empowered the Suffolk team to explore innovative ways to leverage new technologies, which provides significant value to clients and stakeholders. As Suffolk continues to launch Smart Labs throughout the country, Userful’s cloud management capabilities will provide the organization the ability to manage and control all its video walls across the country from a single location, making the video wall technology even more efficient.

The Result

Silverstein Arena, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Not only Userful was able to address all the requirements for this project, but the solution proved very easy to setup (without any on-site install service from Userful required). Once installed, the Userful Control Center management tool provided a very intuitive way to manage all the content, saving administrative staff a great amount of time.

The high quality content makes a great impact on audiences, and the solution does a great job at creating a unified image across all displays. Also, the solution’s flexibility will allow them to expand the video wall to wrap around the other side of the stand without having to modify the system’s infrastructure. “All we need to do is connect the additional displays, and the Userful solution will take care of the rest,” explained Nichols.

According to Nichols, “many people are looking into deploying banner, or ribbon, video walls (like the one at the Silverstein Arena), and I know that with Userful, we have found a solution that will allow us to easily deploy them, at an affordable price, and with great flexibility.”

The Result

Donor recognition video wall graces museum's main entrance

The Naval Aviation Museum now has a six-screen donor recognition display that draws significant visitor attention and gives the museum a robust and reliable way of honoring their supporters. Whenever necessary, the museum can make updates and correct errors on their donor recognition wall, and they have the ability to incorporate more dynamic visual content whenever they choose.

Nick Thrasher recalls that “Life before Userful required significant man-hours to maintain our very standard-looking displays, while life after Userful has required little effort despite the deployment of our dynamic, non-traditional setup.” He adds “We have been very pleased with the Userful solution, which has delivered as promised. Our resulting donor recognition display is far more dynamic and eye-catching than we had previously envisioned when considering more traditional alternatives, and far easier to maintain and operate. In Navy parlance, Bravo Zulu!”

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