The Challenge

The Brazilian Ministry of Education used strict performance and testing criteria, including a regimen of pilot testing in various rural areas and urban centers, which clearly outlined specialized requirements that would have to be met for success. The Ministry of Education faced many daunting challenges. They needed to:

  • Deploy and manage desktops in multiple educational sectors spread across a wide geographic area
  • Maximize their IT budget for computers, software, maintenance and support
  • Reduce software licensing costs
  • Reduce the expense and downtime of battling computer threats such as: viruses, malware and hackers
  • Minimize the amount of electricity used
  • Reduce e-waste and pollution

In addition to these challenges – which are faced by all school districts around the world – the Brazilians faced unique infrastructure challenges. The deployments included remote schools in indigenous villages where infrastructure is minimal, electricity is unreliable, there is little physical space, and roads are impassable by car.