Userful Desktop goes to Boot Camp

Userful’s customer faced challenges even more fundamental than the absence of infrastructure. The Afghan climate is very extreme with regular high winds, temperatures routinely exceeding 100 degrees, and lots of sand--notoriously bad for electronics. Combined with the need for state-of-the-art security integration without compromising security on the larger communications network, and the need to protect the privacy of the soldiers, the result is one of the hardest possible testing grounds for an Internet Kiosk.

Before deploying Userful Desktop, the communications company’s staff were constantly patching and upgrading individual Windows PCs separately. Without a time management system or integrated log-on, each user’s personal communications were open to the indiscriminate gaze of other users. The Project Team Leader, and the rest of the morale, voice, and Internet service team also faced high bandwidth costs due to the constant need to remotely upgrade and re-image machines. The tension between usability and security was leading to exponentially increasing support time, costs, and reduced stability; none of which were tolerable in the field.