The Solution

The Project Team Leader found Userful at a conference in Calgary. He recalls, "I immediately saw how well this system could serve my customers while reducing deployment and support complexities to an absolute minimum. Providing as many as ten Internet terminals from a single PC greatly reduces the risks, costs and complexities involved with shipping and setting up a kiosk."

After a demonstration of the system for his team, the Project Team Leader was very impressed: "Userful’s approach results in less maintenance on computers, less space required for deployment, a minimized need for network infrastructure, less equipment to secure, and a huge reduction in energy consumption for computers and air conditioning. Add to this the fact that Userful provides all the low level support and you have a complete and nearly maintenance free public computing system."

Userful’s team custom configured Userful Desktop systems with multiple fans, rugged cases, and enhanced air filtration for the communications company’s demanding military deployment. Userful also integrated the customer’s authentication database and access card platform with Userful Desktop's time management system to provide secure logins, track and control usage, and automatically log off unattended sessions. Userful even expanded support during Afghanistan’s daylight hours, ensuring that if there was an issue, support would be able to address their concerns immediately.