The Solution

Geovanny downloaded a free trial of Userful MultiSeat Linux and the system worked so well that he decided it would solve AUTOPARTES FRAGA's problems. He showed the Userful solution to the owners of the shop and they loved it, not only because it would help to easily keep track of sales and give customers a better service, but also because it was a very low-cost solution.

AUTOPARTES FRAGA put into place one Userful MultiSeat Linux computer with four stations, two point of sale and two in the administration office. They also scheduled training sessions for all of their employees because some of them had never touched a computer before. The employees found the solution very easy to use, and were impressed by how little space it took up since so few cables and power plugs were required. In Geovanny's words, "It's very helpful that the multiseat devices don't require electricity, because that's one less electric plug per station to think about."

The front desk computer of the shop using the Userful solution