The Result

A scenic view of the Lakeside School

The students at Lakeside School are enjoying their new computer lab, and Rob was able to demonstrate that Userful MultiSeat Linux is the perfect solution to provide access to computers on a small budget, and with little electricity. The 16 stations in the computer lab use only 518 watts of electricity total, and due to the fact that there are only 3 computer boxes running, it requires minimal air conditioning. As a result, the school setup a full computer lab with computers, lighting, air conditioning, and a TV, drawing under 1500 watts. "The ambition of the Lakeside School is to build kiosks in rural areas with solar power. If we setup a lab that uses under 2000 watts, we'll be able to power it up with solar energy," said Rob.

Lakeside School have found the perfect solution to expand the reach of education in Costa Rica through computer-based learning and Open Source technologies, and the students home communities are already benefiting, with more and more gaining computer access each year. "The kids are amazingly adaptable and don't consider the differences between Linux and Windows because the user experience is very very similar," said Rob. "For a kid, it is simply a moment of adaptability, and then they are all set. The bottom line is that we have a beautiful lab, the kids love it, the teachers like it, and it works really great."

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Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from video walls to digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market.

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