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"The cost of hardware is simply much lower when you are using Userful MultiSeat Linux."

- Juan Carlos Mamani, Technical Expert, San Calixto School, Bolivia

School Computer Lab Becomes a Reality with Userful

San Calixto School (Bolivia)


When Juan Carlos Mamani, the technical expert at the San Calixto School in Bolivia, read an article on the Internet about how the Brazilian Government deployed more than 500,000 Userful MultiSeat Linux computer stations in more than 45,000 schools across the country, he became curious about using Linux and open source software in his own community.

Juan Carlos downloaded a free trial from the Userful website, put together some old computers, and within minutes he had one computer box - with two completely independent computer stations - running without any problems. "When I downloaded the Userful demo and put it to work, I was surprised that it actually worked very efficiently, so I had to show it to the school's Director," said Juan Carlos.

The San Calixto School in Bolivia


  • 1. Challenges
  • 2. Solution
  • 3. Result

The Challenges

The school had some computers for the administrative and teaching staff, but were paying another institution to give the students computer access, and lessons on how to use the computers. The school wasn't looking to get a new computer lab for the students simply because it was too expensive, but when they saw the Userful MultiSeat Linux solution running, they knew they had found a cost effective solution that would be perfect for their school.

The Solution

Independent computing stations at the San Calixto School implemented using Userful MultiSeat Linux as seen from a different angle.

The school gathered 24 old monitors, bought 12 PCs with video cards for 2 stations on each of them, and implemented 24 independent computing stations with Userful MultiSeat. "Compared to buying a full new PC for each student in the lab, the cost of hardware is simply much lower when you are using Userful MultiSeat Linux. We bought 12 computers and have 24 running," said Juan Carlos.

Userful's helpful support team made it easy for Juan Carlos to get the computers installed and ready for the students to use. "Support has been a key element for this deployment since Userful has helped me with every little thing to make sure that the solution is working well and that all our expectations are met and surpassed," said Juan Carlos.

The Result

Rows of computers readily installed with Userful MultiSeat Linux

The San Calixto School now has their first computer lab. They saved 40% on hardware as compared to a traditional PC-per-station solution, and benefited from additional savings on software by choosing a Linux solution over Microsoft Windows.

The staff and students at San Calixto School are very happy with the new computer lab and are enjoying the free educational applications included with Userful MultiSeat Linux. "All the educational software is a big, big plus, and the tools to monitor and control the lab couldn't be more useful, " said Juan Carlos, "yes, Windows also has that, but with Windows you have to pay expensive licenses to get it."

According to Juan Carlos, it was initially challenging to get some teachers that already knew how to work on Windows to use the Linux computers. However, by showing these teachers that applications like the Firefox browser work the same in Linux and Windows, and that OpenOffice is equivalent to Microsoft Office, he has been able to help these teachers enjoy a smooth transition to Linux. Some teachers have even asked to get Linux put on their own computers so that they don't have to worry about viruses. The students didn't show any hesitation to Linux. They are eager to learn new things and use different educational applications, without a care about which Operating System they are working on.

The new lab has been such a success that San Calixto School is planning to install a second Useful MultiSeat Linux computer lab. The new lab will also be 24 stations, but will use only 4 computer boxes for a total of 6 computer stations per PC.


Quick Facts

Userful MultiSeat not only saves money, it also helps the environment by reducing electricity use and e-waste. As compared to a traditional PC-per-seat solution, over 3 years, the San Calixto School alone will make a substantial impact and save:

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    Userful MultiSeat's(now Multiplatform) ability to turn one computer into many saves money by greatly reducing hardware, electricity and support costs lowering total cost of ownership

  • Electricity Savings

    Saved 94,120 KWh of electricity, enough to power 52 homes for a year

  • CO₂ Savings

    73 tons of CO₂ was saved, equal to planting 18 acres of trees or taking 13 cars off of the road for one year

  • Increased Access to Technology

    Userful MultiSeat software creates multiple high performance desktop stations, and other digital displays, from a central computer.


"All the educational software is a big big plus, and the tools to monitor and control the lab couldn't be more useful. Yes, Windows™ also has that, but with Windows you have to pay expensive licenses to get it."

- Juan Carlos Mamani, Technical Expert, San Calixto School, Bolivia


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