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Desktop Virtualization | Retail

"Buying 4 new computers, would have represented an investment of US $3000. Plus the extra cabling, structures, support, and the on-going extra costs of maintenance, electricity and licenses. With Userful we only spent US $800."

Geovanny Fallas, Systems Engineer, AutoPartes FRAGA

Point of Sale Solution Improves the Customer Experience

AutoPartes FRAGA (Costa Rica)


Located in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica, AutoPartes FRAGA has been selling used auto parts for 15 years. The longevity of their company is due in large part to the emphasis they place on providing excellent customer service.

Autopartes Fraga in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • 1. Challenges
  • 2. Solution
  • 3. Result

The Challenges

In 2010, they decided that their clients were waiting too long to be tended to, and that there must be a better way to keep track of their stock and identify who sold what. They hired Geovanny Fallas, a systems engineer with previous experience in the auto sector, to set up an electronic Point of Sale system that would solve these issues.

When setting up the database for the system, Geovanny decided to do some research on the Ubuntu Software Center to see what applications were available. Userful caught his attention. "When I saw it, I thought it was a great idea to save on implementation costs, and at the same time to be environmentally friendly," said Geovanny. "Having 4 computer stations running on only 1 computer box saves a lot of electricity."

Geovanny used to help companies setup Point of Sale terminals with Microsoft Server, but now he prefers to work with Linux because of its superior reliability and lower cost. "I used to work with Microsoft Server, but besides the fact that it had too many issues, you continuously need to buy licenses for everything" said Geovanny.

The Solution

Geovanny downloaded a free trial of Userful MultiSeat Linux and the system worked so well that he decided it would solve AUTOPARTES FRAGA's problems. He showed the Userful solution to the owners of the shop and they loved it, not only because it would help to easily keep track of sales and give customers a better service, but also because it was a very low-cost solution.

AUTOPARTES FRAGA put into place one Userful MultiSeat Linux computer with four stations, two point of sale and two in the administration office. They also scheduled training sessions for all of their employees because some of them had never touched a computer before. The employees found the solution very easy to use, and were impressed by how little space it took up since so few cables and power plugs were required. In Geovanny's words, "It's very helpful that the multiseat devices don't require electricity, because that's one less electric plug per station to think about."

The front desk computer of the shop using the Userful solution

The Result

Employee of Autopartes Fraga happy with Userful's solution

The cost savings were impressive. "Buying 4 new computers would have represented an investment of US 00. Plus the extra cabling, structures, support, and the on-going extra costs of maintenance, electricity and licenses," said Geovanny. "With Userful we only spent US 0".

The employees are very happy having new computers to interact with, and feel confident using the Userful solution because it has been easy to learn. Customers have also voiced their satisfaction with the improvement in the service they receive, the quicker response to sales orders, and the increased professionalism experienced - right down to their receipt.

With Userful MultiSeat Linux, AUTOPARTES FRAGA has improved the way they do business. Today they have more happy clients, accurate tracking of sales information, easy to use point of sale terminals, more workers with computer skills, and a growing business. AUTOPARTES FRAGA is so happy with the solution that they are installing it in 5 more branches.


Quick Facts

  • Go Green

    Userful MultiSeat not only saves money, it also helps the environment by reducing electricity use and e-waste. As compared to a traditional PC-per-seat solution, over 3 years, just one company can make a substantial impact

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    Userful MultiSeat's ability to turn one computer into many saves money by greatly reducing hardware, electricity and support costs

  • Eco Savings

    Electricity Saved: 56,000 KWh = Enough to power 31 homes for a year

  • Eco Savings

    CO2 Saved: 43 tons of CO2 = Taking 8 cars off the road for a year, or planting 11 acres of trees



"Having 4 computer stations running on only 1 computer box saves a lot of electricity."


- Geovanny Fallas, Systems Engineer, AutoPartes FRAGA

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