The Solution

DoubleTree Hotel welcome mat and logo

The DoubleTree team partnered with ENS, a digital signage company and content management system based in Victoria. ENS recommended Userful as a simple and cost effective way to deploy eye catching video walls. The team installed 1x3 video wall with 55” display panels in portrait mode powered from a single Intel Core i5 PC. Userful’s ability to support 4k and larger content was one of the attractions. It allowed the DoubleTree to stream 4k video in real time from a camera on the roof. The video wall also offers the option to display other video content when needed.

The system was easy to set-up and run. “We got it going with very little training or specialized expertise,” said Dwarika. With Userful, everything is managed using a web browser with an easy drag and drop interface. Userful supports up to 60 displays from a single PC either as a single very large video wall or in multiple smaller video walls — or a mix of video walls and stand alone individual displays, all of which are managed with just one browser screen.