The Result

Students waiting to use the computers

The students love the educational games, the Internet applications, and all the tools that the HP hardware and Userful MultiSeat computing stations put in their hands. "The MultiSeat system has been very beneficial for the students because they now have an independent station to work on, and the applications they use to learn are very intuitive. It also helps that the teachers can guide and supervise their work all the time thanks to the monitoring and control tools," said Fernando Cepeda, computing teacher at La Salle Latacunga School.

According to Jimena Ocaña, the HP and Userful combined solution has also allowed the students to be more comfortable at their stations. Now they have more space to place their notebooks and take notes if necessary because the USB devices do not require much space. The electricity savings are also a great advantage for the school, not only because the system consumes less energy, but because when the servers are shut down, the stations can do this automatically.

"Before, I had to do too much maintenance on each CPU individually. Today I feel less stressed because I don't have to worry about virus cleaning, CPU formatting, changing burnt power supplies, or even finding software updates. Plus, if I have to install new software, I just do it once from the host PC and it updates all the stations automatically," said Jimena Ocaña, primary teacher and network administrator at La Salle Latacunga School.

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