The Solution

A view of the lab and its computer stations

Infolink, a Userful partner that sells Hewlett-Packard's multiseat hardware with Userful's MultiSeat Linux software in Quito, Ecuador, is a company that commercializes computing and communication products with a bold focus on the education sector. A key element of their commercial offering is that clients can submit on-line quote requests in order to have a more agile and systematized process. One of the on-line requests came from La Salle School in Ecuador.

The La Salle School was inquiring about equipment for a basic digital classroom built with individual computers for each user without knowing that there was a multiseat alternative. "When we showed the MultiSeat solution, they immediately realized that it was a completely lower investment with the possibility to have a higher amount of workstations," said Marco Alvarez, Infolink's General Manager. "There are savings everywhere: hardware, software, installation, accessories and energy."

Twenty-three stations running on three HP servers were installed using HP's multiseat devices. Besides the low cost and substantial ongoing savings, the school liked the fact that the noise and the heat would be significantly reduced on a MultiSeat system, compared to a PC-per-user solution. "It's noticeable that the heat and the noise are less than before. Plus, compared to digital classrooms from other branches where the use of fans and air conditioning is needed, the students can focus more easily when working in a cool and quiet environment," said Fernando Cepeda, computing teacher at La Salle Latacunga School.