The Result

Compter stations running Userful's software

The institute saved 38% on hardware costs, saved on software costs, and lowered their electricity bill while expanding computer access. "Everything works very well, and the money that we used in anti-virus can now be invested on more MultiSeat stations," said Patricia. "We recommend it and feel very proud to say that we work with MultiSeat systems and open source software". Both Oscar and the students are also very happy with the new solution. "The savings part is really good, and all the available tools, apps, and open source software is definitely great," said Oscar. "The students now come with their laptops and ask us to install Linux."

IEPROES went from having 150 old Windows computers, to have 200 new Linux computing stations serving students in 3 different branches of the institute. "One of the biggest successes of the Userful solution is that the users don't feel the difference between Windows and Linux, and don't know that they are working on a virtual machine," Said Roberto Arévalo, Sales Manager from SISCOM.

Today, the IEPROES students and teachers are enjoying their new computers, and the wealth of open source software applications available at no cost. The solution has become a proven example of how MultiSeat technology will help the Salvadorean government migrate its computers to Open Source software for health and education, expand computer access, and lower costs.

About Userful

Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from video walls to digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market.

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