The Solution

While doing research on the different options available to upgrade the computers at IEPROES, Oscar met SYSCOM – a partner of Userful Corporation in El Salvador. When SYSCOM presented the Userful MultiSeat Linux solution to Oscar, he knew he had found the solution he was looking for.

In order to save costs, the best old computers were updated, and then each computer box was turned into 4 independent computer stations using Userful MultiSeat Linux software and USB MultiSeat zero client devices.

IEPROES was visited by Microsoft while looking for the best solution to upgrade their computers, but Userful was the clear choice to provide more seats for a lower cost. "It simply makes sense. Userful not only is cheaper on hardware, software and maintenance, but also has other useful things like audio output and USB ports at each station," said Patricia Echavarría, open source teacher at IEPROES.

Student nurses during examination period