The Challenge

Before deploying Userful Desktop, Network Administrator at the WCPL, Tyson Barnett, witnessed phenomenal growth in his community and the resulting increase in demand for computer access for the citizens of Warsaw, Indiana.

The WCPL had made a significant investment in Microsoft™ Windows PCs to create a reliable public computer solution for patrons. However, Tyson Barnett was also immersed in the growing frequency of technical challenges and virus problems of Microsoft™ Windows PCs that were not designed to support a public computing environment.

In addition to adding more desktop computers, the library hired additional staff to support the technology and provide services to library members. Unfortunately, the difficulties created by trying to use Microsoft™ Windows PCs as public computers were becoming unmanageable.

Barnett explained, “With our Windows-based desktops, four of the computers would be down at any given time because of viruses, hacking, and other problems. Now, with the Userful Desktop stations, we don’t have to waste any down time on maintaining them, which is phenomenal.”