The Solution

Patrons using Userful Desktop computers at the Warsaw Community Public Library

Barnett was first introduced to the Userful Desktop public computing solution when he saw it demonstrated at a conference. He was instantly impressed. The crucial advantage with Userful Desktop was that the software was designed specifically for libraries. In libraries, public computers need to accommodate a wide range of needs, ensure privacy, and offer features like time and print management, which can require additional software integration.

Just from the conference demonstration, Barnett found that Userful Desktop would actually resolve all of the prior computing issues with ease, and create an enhanced user experience. The initial rollout of the computer deployment for the WCPL included five workstations, which operated four desktop computers, making a total of 20 public access computers.

Barnett said that transition to Userful Desktop was seamless. “Patrons took to the new system like ducks to water, there were virtually no problems. Our patrons love it, and it works great.”