The Challenge

There are three other Sebarun Hospitals that have previously deployed video walls, with little success. The hospitals purchased expensive video wall platforms thinking they would also be both powerful and easy to use, but they only received complaints from users. The video walls turned out to be extremely complicated to manage and too costly to maintain.

It sometimes took administrators hours just to change content on the video wall. There were also types of content administrators found they couldn’t display. This meant that valuable employee time was being wasted. Staff at the hospital had more important things to do than spend hours trying to run their video walls and digital signage.

The video walls the hospital group deployed in the past also consumed a lot if IT maintenance resources. One video wall required several high-cost PCs to fully support its displays and content. Each of those PCs required software maintenance and upgrades, adding extra work to the Sebarun staff.

Knowing many of the potential problems with video walls, the new Sebarun Hospital began its search for a more affordable, simpler and more flexible video wall solution.