The Solution

Educators get a first look of Userful MultiSeat

A representative from Userful Corporation visited Guillermina and her team in Veracruz, to offer a demonstration of Userful's Multiplied Computing. After seeing Userful MultiSeat working perfectly on two computers, they decided to do a bigger pilot on an actual school located in a rural town called Coacoatzintla.

Six computing stations with Internet Connection were fully up and running in the Telesecundaria Número 157 School, in less than 1 hour. "We were all very impressed. With a traditional solution of 1 PC per student we would've taken the whole day to setup the system, but with Userful, setting up was fast and easy. Plus, 6 people were simultaneously navigating through the Internet without any problem using just 1 PC. Simply unbelievable," said Guillermina Colorado.